Concept Painting


Here is another concept painting I finished today, that of an astronaut falling out of the sky. Onto a cold, windy planet. With debris falling around him. And snow. You get the idea. For astronauts, it’s a very bad day.

3 comments on “Concept Painting”

  1. Fred Mickelson says:

    Cannot tell that the astronaut is falling, perhaps because I need glasses and it’s hard for me to see the work as you intended.

    I do like the piece. What was your inspiration? The movie Gravity?

    You know what would be really cool, you doing concept painting of a train coming out of a tunnel toward the viewer. Not that’d be somethin special.

  2. Lynda Key says:

    Gorgeous! Poor guy…and not even a decent set of Mjolner armor to help with his landing.

    1. admin says:

      Fortunately he landed on his tranquility base. 😉

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