Concept Art: Library Books

This was a fun Photoshop painting — I tried to achieve a certain atmospheric je ne sais qua. It has since ended up on a few people’s blogs and library websites without permission, but hey, I suppose it’s all for the best. Note: There’s more to see after you click the illustration.



(Let’s make it official! First person to place this illustration — with my prior permission — on their website/blog wins $5 (Paypal) from me guaranteed!)

One comment on “Concept Art: Library Books”

  1. Greetings John,
    I love your art and would love to use the image above for some blogs I will write about the Akashic Records. Of course, I would credit you as the artist and would even put a link to your site on the blog posting I use it on, if you would like.
    I don’t know exactly when I will use the image, but it fits well with the Akashic Records and it is a great image!
    Thank you so much.

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